About My Plan

This is my Fatloss and Weightloss story. When I was a child I was not obese, I was considered a "hick" kid but never had health problem until I hit the age of 15 then my body turned for the worst! I was kind of a late bloomer and started to rapidly grow into a woman. The unfortunate part was that I was growing in areas that I didn't want to! Being a teenager in my small town was difficult because I wasn't the prettiest girl in the world, and had a hard time getting boys to notice me. I was even called "funky fatty" because in gym class a bunch of the jocks in my class smashed some rotten bananas in my backpack and it stunk up my books and clothes. I was devastated. All the kids started making fun of me every single day and I never had a single date in high school. I went home that day and cried my tears out of my soul and did not eat anything for 2 days. I was fat, had so much stress, pimples all over my face, ate all the time to cover my pain, and was diagnosed with Type-B Diabetes

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Real Success Stories

Sam from San Francisco, CA Lost 31Lbs!

I've spent years trying to get a flat belly and nothing has ever worked. Now that I've started using the program Slim, I finally have the flat stomach I've always dreamed of. Thank you so much,  Program.

Chrisy from Detroit, MI Lost 37 Lbs!

I have been trying to lose weight for years and this is the first program that ever worked for me. I have been using your product along with your diet and exercise program and have already lost 15 Pounds! Thank You  Program!